Chrissy and Jed had recently downsized from a large country home to a smaller abode and had a very special art collection that had been gathered over the years.

They wanted to add a few new pieces to the collection that were a bit more modern but they weren’t sure what size to get and where to get it. They’d had been out shopping for art (something they thought they’d enjoy together) but in the end, they just couldn’t decide on the same thing and ended up confused and frustrated.

They’d never really been happy with the way the art was positioned in their previous home and wanted to make sure she got it right this time. What to group together, what to hang separately, at what height and where.

But they were worried that getting an interior designer on board would be too expensive. They also had concerns that I might not understand their style or be able to achieve the feeling they wanted for their home. After all, they themselves weren’t really sure of their own style as they often had different opinions.

They both realised, if they were going to get it right this time, they needed a pro. Someone decisive, confident and experienced, that would listen to what they want.

They bit the bullet and after going round in circles, decided to get help and booked in a Strategy Session which is just a quick phone call.

During this session, we talked through what they were struggling with and I suggested the best way forward.

As they just wanted guidance and direction but were happy to source and hang the art themselves, we decided the Weave Your Magic design package was the best solution. So they paid the one-off, fixed fee and booked in a time to meet.

Before our meeting, I sent them my Discover Your Unique Style exercise so that both I and they had a clear understanding of their style and what they wanted to achieve.

We then met at their home and within an hour we’d gone through their collection, established exactly where and how to hang each piece, what to reframe, what their collection was missing, and then sent them a list of places to purchase the art.

Oh, and I answered various other design questions that had been keeping her up at night.

All done. Phew!!! They could relax and KNOW that they now had a plan in place!

They were super relieved they’d got the answers they needed and could finally move forward. But…

…after I’d gone the doubt set in again.

I’d suggested some bold ideas. Things they hadn’t done or seen before and they weren’t sure they had the confidence to ACTUALLY do them.

I gave them the reassurance that they were on the right track and just needed to trust me. It’s these risks that pay off and become the most favoured features within a home.

Chrissy acknowledged that they needed to let go and just trust me, after all, what was the point in getting in a professional if they weren’t going to take the advice.

The result?


What a difference. What a transformation!

They painted their hallway with the rich colour I suggested which made their art POP!

The rest of their art throughout their home was beautifully displayed creating clever focal points from space to space and they were super thrilled with the three new pieces they’d purchased.

Finally, they’d found someone they could trust and could call upon for any future interior projects. Click here to BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSION with me.

Here are a few pointers on hanging your art:

Don’t hang it too high

This is where most go wrong. Try to positioned art so that your eye line is bang in the middle of your artwork. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

Take your art up another notch

To make an inexpensive print look like it’s worth a million dollars, go LARGE with your mat and frame size, it will inject an instant sense of prestige.

Play with contrast

Contrast your frame style with your art to build interest for the eye and give the piece WOW factor. A modern frame with a more traditional piece of art or vice versa.

It’s all about scale

Don’t be afraid to go larger than you think. This is the second biggest mistake I see people make, or should I say smallest, as often the art is too small for the wall.


If you’d prefer to handle your interior project yourself but just need some professional advice to get you on the right track then the Weave Your Magic design package is the solution for you. You can choose what suits, whether the consultation is in-home (if you live in Auckland) or online via video chat.

During this one hour consultation, I will reveal my killer design strategies and you’ll have all of your questions answered.

Take the first step to achieving the home you’ve always wanted. You’ll have reassurance you’re going about your project the right way and the ability to confidently make informed decisions.

To secure your spot and work with me, book your strategy session today.