Lean, hang, prop, layer

You don’t have to hang everything; have some on the floor leaning against the wall, propped up on a shelf or your fireplace mantel. You can also layer by placing one or several smaller pieces in front of one larger piece. Layering and leaning gives the space dash of casualness.


Leave some breathing space

Try to refrain from filling every black space. Keeping some walls blank prevents the space from looking cluttered and allows people time to appreciate each collection.


Glare alert!

In spaces that receive a lot of natural light avoid using glass as it will enhance the glare factor.


Don’t hang it too high

This is where most go wrong. Try to positioned art so that your eye line is bang in the middle of your artwork.

With art above your fireplace, either prop it on the mantel and lean against the wall or hang approx. 100mm above the mantel. Go for a piece that is proportionate to your fireplace and don’t be afraid to go big!

In instances where you have furniture positioned along a wall, such as a couch, hang your art no more than a handspan above the top line of the sofa.


Kitchens and bathrooms

Artwork looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. In the bathroom, you can hang it on the wall or, my favourite, lean a large tall framed piece behind your freestanding bath.

In the kitchen, pick a shelf to layer a few prints, or anchor the dining table with a gallery wall of prints or with one large statement piece.

Protecting your artwork with glass will prevent damage from moisture and cooking splatters.

Take your art up another notch

To make an inexpensive print look like it’s worth a million dollars, go LARGE with your mat and frame size, it will inject an instant sense of prestige.