My tips to help you explore your story


If you haven’t started at my first blog, then worked your way through them in order, then hit pause and jump back. I’ve purposely written these blogs in a particular order so that it’s easier for you to digest and learn my Create A Home With Heart design strategy. Click here and start from the beginning, I’ll see you back here soon xxx

Firstly, I have to apologise, this blog is going to be a bit wordy but it’s an important one, so bear with me xxx

The key to achieving a timeless home that you have a deep connection with and that you will love for many years to come is surrounding yourself with meaningful things. Don’t just aim to create a home that functions and looks and great, aim higher and strive for a better way of living. Aim for a home with heart and create a sanctuary that has your unique story woven through the fabric of your interiors.

In summary, the strategy involves exploring your past, present and future, looking for colours, patterns, textures, materials and objects that you love, that you have a connection with and that tell your story.

It’s crucial that you just let your brain be free. Focus on the simple task of gathering and exploring, don’t think about how each element will inspire your home, that’s much later down the track. In a nutshell, just let yourself explore.

If you follow this strategy, I promise, you’ll love your home in a way that you could never have imagined.

Explore your past

Start by exploring your past and find colours, patterns, textures, materials and objects that mean something to you or evoke fond memories.

Go through old photos, rummage through an old box or google search images that reflect past times. Think about the places you’ve lived or visited? What was your favourite sport or hobby? Are there any family heirlooms such as fabrics, objects, prints and furniture that mean something to you? What was your favourite piece of clothing and ask yourself why you loved it, was it the colour? texture? form? What flowers evoke fond memories from your past? What trees did you climb?

Growing up, there was this huge old oak tree at my primary school that we used to spend hours playing in and collecting acorns. Now, whenever I see an oak tree I’m transported back to these fun times.

While not every memory from your past has a place in your life now, it’s worth looking into as it’s the foundations of your unique story. You may be surprised at the similarities between what you liked then and the things that you like now.


Explore your present

Now let’s take a look at the present. Open your wardrobe, are there clothing, jewellery or shoes that personify your unique style? What are your current interests and hobbies? What are your favourite flowers or plants? Favourite places to visit? Favourite tracks to walk, art gallery, city, book, play, local restaurant, artist, fashion designer. What are you currently in to in a big way?

Think about the context of your home, what’s currently around you and the local community. Get out and start fossicking around as experiencing is more exciting than sitting in front of a computer surfing the web. Take a walk around your backyard and neighbourhood, and if you take the time to look, you’ll find patterns, colours and textures everywhere.

It could be the colours on a label, the stitching detail on a garment, the dappled texture of shadow play on your fence, the shape of a leaf or the myriad of colours in a clump of seaweed.

The things you’re naturally drawn to are cues. Remember to take photos and when you’re home take a look through them.


Explore your future

Finally, think about your future as this is part of your story too. What excites you, and where do you want to be? Maybe you eventually want to move out of the city so it could be a picture or object that reflects country living. Or perhaps you want to move into the city so it’s objects that remind you of urban living? Or is it a hobby that you’ve always wanted to pursue but haven’t had the time?

For me, I have always dreamed of visiting Africa and seeing all of the incredible animals and interiors so I’m fond of animal prints and earthy tones that evoke this aspiration. I also see our family owning a sailboat one day so I’m drawn to materials and elements that speak of coastal life.

Whatever it is for you, being surrounded by things that act as a reminder of where you want to be, are not only exciting but will help you get there.


Join me for my next blog where I show you how to keep track of the things you love so they’re ready to use and inspire your home interiors when you need them.

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Hayley x

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