So I have told you how to explore your unique story, now it’s time for the other crucial piece of the puzzle; to define your unique style.

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Why is it so important to know your unique style?

Firstly, by understanding your style you can envision the end result and therefore make informed purchasing decisions for your interior design scheme. We’ve all fallen into the trap of buying something we like in the shop, only to be disappointed when we bring it home and realise it doesn’t work. And unfortunately, I have seen people make this mistake over and over again, until they’re surrounded by a chaotic & confused look. Interior design mistakes can be expensive!

Now, I’m not saying you have to stick to one style, as you can have a few, but more about that later…

What I’m saying is that just because you like something doesn’t mean you should buy it and welcome it into your sanctuary. Having a clear understanding of your style will help you say no to those impulse purchases that aren’t right for your home. It will help you to avoid having a “style confused” home with spaces that feel disconnected.

The other vital step in the ‘define your style’ process is to include your partner. Trust me! Even if they say “I’m happy to leave this with you” when it comes to purchasing they will care and it’s in your best interests to be on the same page and get their buy-in right from the start. You can then enjoy the journey in creating a home you will both love.

In a nutshell here’s my strategy on how to define your unique style:

1. Fav design styles

Select your favourite 1-2 interior design styles

Start by researching different interior design styles. There are a mass of interior design styles out there so I’ve simplified the process and narrowed them down to five main styles; Coastal Elegance, The Traveller, Back To Nature, Urban Finesse, Luxe Life. You can view these styles here on Pinterest boards I’ve created to help my clients Take your time perusing through these five style boards and narrow it down to your top two favourite styles. If you’re doing this with a partner, you might select a style each.


2. What do you love?

Note down a list of at least ten characteristics that you love about your favourite styles

It’s time to go deeper and analyse your top two interior styles by pinpointing what exactly it is that you love. Take the time to really look into each of these interior elements; architectural features, colours, materials, furniture, lighting, texture and pattern.

Note down a list of at least ten characteristics that you love. For example, when I look at the lighting, I might love the indirect soft lighting with lots of floor and table lamps. When it comes to furniture, I might love the simple lines that are associated with my favourite style. When it comes to architectural features, I might love the raked ceilings. For colour, it might be the earthy tones and so on.

By actively thinking about the elements you love you’re not just looking at an image and going “oh I love that”, you’re taking the time to ask “why do I love that?” As a designer, I do this on a daily basis so that I am tuned to what makes my heart sing.

This is the only way you will refine your style. It will help you to leave that vase or sofa you appreciated in the shop in search for better suited option aligned with your own style direction.

This process will also help you better understand your partner, so you know exactly what it is they love. Even though you believed you had completely differing styles, you might be surprised at your common interests, at the design elements you can both appreciate. Or at least you’ll know what’s super important to them and therefore be willing to make a compromise!

3. What don’t you like?

Note down a list of at least ten characteristics of interior styles that you don’t like

Ok so you know what you love, it’s just as important to clarify what you don’t like. So take a look at all five interior design styles (including your top two) and note down at least ten characteristics that you don’t like. Keep in mind, you don’t have to like every aspect of your favourite two interior design styles so be sure to note down anything you don’t like for these too. For example, I may love coastal calm but don’t like the colours that are typically used. Once again, this process will help you understand yourself and your partner more.

4. Hero shots

Gather 5-10 hero shots of interiors you love

Finally, hunt for around five to ten hero shots. These are images of interiors that you love. You can use images from my Pinterest boards or other websites like Archipro and Houzz are also great for finding interior pictures.


Let’s take a look at where you’re at:

You’ve confirmed your top 1-2 interior styles and you have a clear idea of what you love and don’t like. It’s this purposeful and considered combination of your favourite styles and characteristics that create your unique style.

Own your style and celebrate it throughout your home. Consistency is key so avoid doing one space in one of the interior design styles and then another space in the other style. Blend them together in the same space and continue this throughout the rest of your home.

Join me for my next blog where I reveal the third component to my Create A Home With Heart Strategy on how to define the feeling for each space and create a home that supports your emotional needs.

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Hayley x

Lou Brown Design