Our design process


An in-home consultation where Hayley meets with you to chat through what you need. She’ll answer any questions you have and walk you through pricing, timing and the next steps.


For the first few weeks, you’ve got a bit of homework to do…

An Inspiration Board That Actually Works. Hayley guides you through this process step by step , revealing her unique method. This exercise explores three aspects of your story; your past, present and future. When done properly, this is a super powerful tool used to inspire your unique interior. We’re experiencing exciting results!

Discover Your Unique Style Exercise. Using Hayley’s Discover Your Unique Style Exercise, you’ll learn how to clearly define your unique style.


This is the exciting part!

Now that your homework is complete, Hayley sits down with you and listens while you talk through your story, what’s important to you and your unique style. She’ll use these incredibly valuable results to inspire & influence the design of your unique home.


With our industry experience and through the use of an itemised spreadsheet, we help you clarify your budget. Now that we know your story, unique style and budget, we can start designing!


We interpret your findings and, with our expertise, we pull it all together, creating a timeless interior scheme that’s all about you. We meet with you and present your concept accompanied by samples and 3D imagery so that you can visualise the end result. We don’t stop until you’re happy with the result! The next phase begins; product procurement, coordinating logistics and final installation.


We coordinate the installation whether it’s a turnkey solution and you’d like us to do it all, or a more hands-on approach where you’re happy to coordinate the contractors, receive deliveries and place your new furniture and furnishings. You’re kept informed and updated with our clever online product ordering and management system.

“It was a joy to work with Hayley. She listened carefully to what we were seeking, gave us lots of options, and was ready to test things out and make changes if need be. 

Her suggestions were bold, original and in the end delivered what we wanted. 

We have now been in the apartment for two years and it works so well. 
Gives us pleasure every day!”
A. Woodward