Meet Hayley


I believe in creating homes with heart. I show people how to experience a deeper, more meaningful way of living by creating a home that expresses their unique story throughout each space in exciting and authentic ways. Your home is your sanctuary and should be a place you love to be.

My own journey has always been filled with exploration and creativity. Growing up surrounded by the land, I would seek out beauty in nature and everyday objects. To this day my poor family is forever waiting on me while I take a million photos of something that’s sparked my interest like a clump of seaweed boasting an unusual array of colours or a disintegrated tree stump with the most beautiful texture.

Even when I was studying, you would find me frequently in the workshop tinkering away, building things and exploring materials while my peers were in their studio or the library. I’ve always believed there’s only so much you can learn from textbooks or surfing the web; you have to get out and explore. I remember Harry, one of the workshed lecturers, saying to me “are you sure you want to be an interior designer and not a furniture designer?”

Yes, I love nutting out the smaller details like how materials join together, custom light fixtures, bespoke furniture, and styling the finishing touches. But my ability to envision the overall layout of a home, and how each part fits together to make a whole, made interior design the perfect choice for me.

My future in interior design was cemented when I graduated with a Bachelor of Design (with honours). I have since won several interior design awards and have over 10 years’ experience throughout New Zealand and Australia. I am the lead designer and founder of Lou Brown Design; a business fuelled on integrity, transparency and authenticity.

Our strength and what we are best at is our ability to define your unique story. It’s how we use and interpret this toolbox of exciting finds that creates the magic. It’s our specialty, and it’s our purpose. We work with like-minded people who are in search of a more meaningful way of living.

I love creating homes that are timeless and beautiful yet unique in their execution. I want your home to take care of both your practical and emotional needs and to delight you every day. Let’s work together to achieve this.

Picture of Auckland interior designer Hayley Brown designing for a client


“My design philosophy is simple; surround yourself with meaningful objects that you love. This is the secret to creating a timeless interior that sparks emotion and joy. Let the story of your life enrich your home.”


Over 10 years of Interior Design experience
Fully qualified with a BDVA Int. graduating with honours
Unitec Interior Design Scholarship for Best Studio Interior Design Student
Unitec Academic Excellence Award, Bachelor of Design
MIT Design Excellence Award
Best of Houzz Award for Design
Best of Houzz Award for Service
Winner of State of Design Chapman and Bailey Sustainable Furniture Competition Melbourne